Hi, I'm Lulu.

(you know me as Lulu Artwork! or Komet Lulu)

I love painting, designing and even to create printable layouts.

I'm also founding member of the acid rock band ELECTRIC MOON, where I play my typical "fuzz-bass". (On studio records I also have the job for some vocals, sometimes even other instruments, haha). 
Also, I play the "shamanic drums" in KRAUTZONE and bass in ZONE SIX and in SULA BASSANA'S live band.

Not enough, so I have my own project, which is still in the origination process (there is only one song officially ready until now). It's KOMET LULU and you can listen to the track "Tremolove". The plan is a common release with Sula Bassana. But it will take it's time...